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Why should Small Business Owners Choose WordPress as Their CMS?

Wordpress site managementWordPress has grown in popularity over the years. Today, it’s the number one choice for those who want to blog or have access to a plethora of tools needed for hosting a website. Even those who initially blogged on platforms such as Drupal, Concrete5, Blogger and so on are migrating to experience what WordPress has to offer.

WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform, although it evolved to become a versatile content management service (CMS) for those who want to create websites with various functionalities. WP is user-friendly and is flexible enough for just about any purpose. And because of its robustness, many popular brands use it to power their websites. These include Google, Facebook, CNN, The New York Times, eBay, Sony, Disney, just to name a few.

So, apart from the fact that it powers more than 25% of websites on the internet, what are some other valid reasons to use the platform?

WordPress is easy to learn and use

Millions of people around the world use WordPress to power their sites, and thousands more jump in every day. The WordPress community indeed keeps growing, and the reason for this is because the software is easy to use, so people adapt as soon as they start using it.

WP also has the largest number of free and premium themes on the internet. A Theme is a framework of appearance, allowing the owner to easily style their content. These themes are easy to customize because users only have to drag and drop or push buttons to achieve the desired effect. Thankfully, there are thousands of plugins for just about anything.

Fast deployment

Unlike Blogger, Concrete5, NetObjects, Drupal and the rest, WordPress doesn’t subject its users to countless hours of tweaking HTML elements. If you have a domain and theme ready for your first WordPress-powered site, you will find it easy to deploy the CMS.

You can literally set up your WordPress site in minutes, provided you have your domain registered. Also, when it comes to managing the platform, you will save time with many more features such as the built-in updater which allows users to update their themes and plugins in one click. And with an automated backup, your content will be safe and sound.

Large support community

WordPress community keeps growing each day. And unlike other platforms for hosting websites and blogs, WordPress users are a very active community when it comes to support. You will always have your questions answered as soon as you post them in support forums.


You can use WordPress in several ways. You can use it as a Content Management System or CMS, a blogging platform, an arcade, gallery, portfolio, a rating website, shopping store, video

What is more, the WordPress CMS handles search engine optimization (SEO) very well, whether you’re hosting video, audio, text or images. You can also embed video links and other content directly into your post. This means working with YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and other social media platform is easy. You can even allow your audience to embed video clips in the comment section.


There are many more reasons why people are shunning code-intensive platforms in favor of WordPress, but your reasons may very well be your own.

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