WordPress Management

StratekaSuddenly your website doesn’t work? Maybe your site has been hacked, or you or one of your employees installed a plugin update without backing up your website. Now your toast. You may need some website management. Worry not, we can provide daily, weekly or monthly backups for your WordPress site and update your plugins so your site is safe and secure, with the latest updates. You’d be happy to know there’ll be an offsite backup of your entire website, available to be installed at a moments notice if something were to go wrong.

If you’re like many WordPress users, your website might employ several disparate plugins to address various features you require. Most of these plugins come from independent 3rd parties. While WordPress itself does a pretty good job of making sure most plugins are fully compatible, that’s not always the case between individual plugins. So, if you haven’t backed up your website before you do any plugin upgrades, you could find yourself with a malfunctioning website. If your site goes down, we put it back up. No worries or headaches for you. We provide complete background site management for your WordPress website.

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