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Strateka Consulting isn’t about finance, you can hire accountants and bookkeepers for that. It isn’t about copyright law or product development, we assume you have those things covered. What we can do, is help you hone your decision-making process while keeping you focused. We can help you identify your customer base, save you money by introducing new efficiencies with appropriate technology and more efficient process. We can build or tweak your marketing efforts, introduce you to social media, SEO and competitive analysis.  In a nutshell, we’ll help you change, so your business can truly be competitive.


You can’t grow a business in a vacuum
You wouldn’t be reading this if your business wasn’t in trouble, or stagnant, or maybe brand new. You’ve talked with your chamber of commerce, you’ve read all the how-to books on business development and marketing, downloaded and reread the free business articles from the SBA and even participated in a few online forums. Yet, your business isn’t where you want it to be.

Visit our website and take our free, small business survey to get the ball rolling. After all, If you’re not going to be incredible, what’s the point!