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Malware & Antivirus Solutions – A Comparative Review

securityIt can be tough searching for the right Anti-Virus solution. The market is saturated with programs vying for the title of king. This article aims to compare several of the top rated anti-virus suites, their features, usability, and pricing to help you make a better decision on what may be right for you.

Since many anti-virus programs offer the same basic services, we will take a look at several comparable aspects of each program to compare them. These aspects include:

Each category will receive a one to five rating, five being the best. We will also assign an overall score so that you can more easily compare each anti-virus service. The contenders in this comparison are Kaspersky, Malware-Bytes, AVG, and Bitdefender. Each is well known in their own right but how do they measure up when compared with each other? Let’s find out.


Kaspersky is an award-winning anti-virus and internet security program suite which has the main focus of protecting your devices from hacking attempts, privacy invasion attacks, and virus/malware attacks. Kaspersky offers protection on the go for mobile devices with very efficient battery usage as well as high performance. They also allow remote management along with automatic app scanning. In addition to this, once the free version expires you can continue to use it at no cost.

Price wise, Kaspersky offers a 70$ a year recurring fee for their award winning services which is a great deal for protecting PC and mobile devices. The UI has also been re-designed to be more user-friendly as well. Some customers (very few) report having issues with the apps or programs they install, but the customer support is prompt in handling these problems as they arise. In all Kaspersky is a solid choice for anti-virus protection and internet security.

  • Features – 4
  • Pricing – 2
  • Pros – 3
  • Cons – 4
  • Overall: 3.25 of 5


AVG is also a well-established anti-virus service. It boasts speed and ease of use as its main feature set, and easily outperforms in that area, although sacrificing performance slightly. AVG also excels at detecting legitimate threats with an almost 100% accuracy.

AVG is free software with an option to buy a professional version at a price of 40$-80$, depending on which version of the program you purchase. For under $100, this is a good price, however, due to AVG not offering the level of protection that Kaspersky does it falls in the features category in our comparison.

  • Features – 2
  • Pricing – 4
  • Pros – 2
  • Cons – 1
  • Overall: 2.25 of 5


Malware-bytes Anti-virus software is centered around finding the most well-hidden viruses and completely removing them from your system. It hasn’t been around as long as other software options but in its short time on the scene, it has managed to create a rather large following. Malware-bytes is the go-to solution for removing search resistant virus and malware from any computer-guaranteed. Malware-bytes also offers a fair range of features targeted to removing threats from your device, including several scan modes.

Malware-bytes offers a free version that has very few restrictions, with the option to upgrade for 24.95$ which unlocks full access to Malware-bytes full array of features. The cons of this amazing program are that speed suffers slightly due to the scanning processes (but that’s not a bad thing as it is VERY accurate). The only major flaw that Malware-bytes has is its lack of real-time protection versus active attacks.

  • Features – 3
  • Pricing – 5
  • Pros – 3
  • Cons – 1
  • Overall: 3 of 5



Bitdefender is a program that focuses on actively detecting and defending against threats that your device may be exposed to. They offer a high level of malware detection as well as minimal performance impact. You can even use an “auto-pilot” feature which adjusts system settings on your behalf if you don’t want to get too technical. In fact, it’s here that Bitdefender excels, the number of features it offers are plentiful and useful, some of which can only be found in higher priced software suites.

On the other hand, this wonderful program only runs on Windows 7-10, a problem for XP and Vista users. Price wise, Bitdefender is one of the most expensive programs. It offers various packages, depending on how much coverage you desire. $60 for one Windows PC, $80 for three licenses, $120 for 5 and $210 for 10. There is also the 2016 Multi-Device Protection, which features protection on five devices for 100$ or Bit-Defender Family Pack 2016 (unlimited devices, any platform) for $120.

  • Features – 5
  • Pricing -3
  • Pros – 4
  • Cons – 3
  • Overall: 3.75


Of the four programs we checked out, two rose above the pack. Ultimately it was Bitdefender’s price that gave it an edge over Kaspersky (but not my much), regardless of which of these programs you choose, you can be sure that your devices will be well protected in just about every aspect. As always, consider your needs and act accordingly, there is always a program to solve your anti-virus problems.

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