Local Inclusion

 local seoHow’s your local digital footprint Is your website listed on Google? What about Yellow Pages,, Manta and more than 40 other local & regional business directories? While you might have a presence on a few of these sites, you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not listed consistently on most of them. In our experience, some of the online directories may have scraped your old website years ago, listing your current business with old addresses, old emails or an old phone number. Most of these directories probably don’t have you listed at all.

Our Local Inclusion program will audit your business on all these directories, repair and correct any missing or wrong information, and add you to those directories your business is not listed in.  This process can take anywhere from three to eight weeks and should improve your website traffic as well as inbound leads.  We recommend asking for our free local SEO presence audit every six months to keep your listings current.


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