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Hostgator: A Strateka Quicktake Review for Small Business

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Small businesses have been called the backbone of the economy. If you are a small business owner, then you know how hard it can be to maintain this backbone in these trying economic times. Fortunately, there are some excellent resources on the Web that can help you get your name out there and simplify your ordering processes. Websites are a top priority. And the foundation of any useful website is the hosting company; those folks that provide the secure server and whatever else you might require, to maintain a steady and reliable internet presence. If this describes your situation, then what you need is a good web hosting company like

Web hosting is quite simply a service that will handle all the technical issues with a web presence for your small business. They will handle the template, the orders, the traffic, and other such issues. Once you are with a good web hosting company. offers many hosting packages for small business owners, some of which are as follows:

Web Templates

The graphic designers at have put together some beautiful templates for you to look through. Many of them are even free. All of them can be customized to work with your particular needs, and they can be changed at any time should the need or desire arise.

Web Hosting

This is the least expensive package offered and can begin less than $4 a month. If you are just getting your feet wet in the Internet marketing world, then this is a great place to start. You will get a basic site set up with different tabs to tell about your business and your services. Freelancers and smaller operations find this a good fit.

Cloud Hosting

For just another dollar each month, you can upgrade to cloud hosting. This increases the speed of your site, shows you a statistics dashboard to see your traffic, and has much better ports for orders and shipping. Content creators and fast-growing sites much prefer the cloud hosting over the web-hosting. You get more accessibility, more storage, and more speed.

WordPress Hosting

This option, which is a dollar more than the cloud hosting, is specifically designed to work with the WordPress templates. This is a very popular platform and is good for small businesses that have a lot of content to manage their site. If you want to have a blog format as part of your marketing efforts, then this is a great option to pursue.

VPS Hosting

At $20 a month, this is a much more inclusive service. Once you have learned some programming and coding, this is an excellent option, as you will be able to control and manipulate every aspect of the site to best suit your needs. You get full root access, and the upload and download speeds are much faster. Fast growing websites with a lot of traffic will need the extra storage, and you will want the tracking tools that allow you to see the most effective ways to bring potential clients to your site.

Dedicated Hosting

All of the previous options discussed rely on a shared server environment. Basically, that means more than one website sits on the server’s hard drive sharing the computer’s resources. Dedicated hosting is the cream of the crop as far as web hosting goes. offers their dedicated hosting at a shockingly low price of $79 a month. You get total control of what happens, which is huge if you are able to manipulate and work things in the tech world. You will also get twice the speed and available storage space. For small businesses with developers and huge amounts of traffic, this really is the only way to go. It will not crash with big rushes of traffic and will handle a big number of orders and messages.

No matter what level your small business is at right now, there is a platform option for you at Let them help you harness the power of the Internet, and see where it can take you and your business.

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