App Reviews

New apps and software tools for small business are showing up everywhere. Many of them have free versions for very small businesses. We’ll check them out here.

  • website security

    Sucuri: A Website Security Overview

    Website security is an important topic for anyone who has a web presence. Ineffective web security can lead to all sorts of problems, from spam and viruses to identity theft and leakage of crucial information. Several companies have attempted to combat this issue by establishing various internet safety protocols. One of these companies is Sucuri. Designed mainly to protect websites…

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  • freshbooks review

    A Fresh Look at FreshBooks: the Quickbooks Alternative

    Freshbooks, an online small business accounting website, is a good fit for very small companies and sole proprietors. This cloud accounting website offers easy invoicing, coordinated contact listing, expense reports, and even tracks billable time. It is easy to use and easy to understand. Freshbooks allows you to accept payments through different online banking services. However, you cannot directly link…

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  • Small changes to your business can yield big results – if you act

    Dropbox Paper: Stacking up to the Competition

    As a small business owner, you need tools that work for you and fit your budget. There are a lot of online tools available that make it easier to collaborate with your customers and partner companies. One of the newest tools is offered by a company that just about everyone knows for their file sharing capabilities, Dropbox. Wondering how Dropbox…

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  • When you need to learn in a hurry

    Lynda, Udemy, Global Knowledge, just a few fast learning choices

    Whether you’re the new hire or a seasoned business owner. There are times when you need to brush up on critical business skills. While it’s sometimes cost-effective to simply outsource a task, recurring costs that accrued because you won’t take 30 minutes to learn something new or relearn something old doesn’t make sense. Luckily for you, there is a growing…

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  • build me a wesbite

    Zoho for Small Business – A Strateka Review

    They say that small business is the backbone of the US economy, and that isn’t a lie. If you are someone who works to maintain this strong backbone in the economy, then you know what a battle it can be to stand strong in the face of changing times. To be successful, it is important for you to arm yourself…

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