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Canva: The Quick and Clean Alternative to Photoshop

Small business owners are always on the lookout for great new business tools that can help them to work smarter and take their business to the next level. Canva is a web-based app that helps you to do just that. Look, you don’t have time to learn how to be a graphic designer when your big focus is expanding your reach, locking in new clients, and selling more products. But compelling graphics are crucial for keeping your audience engaged.

Canva Is Your All in One Instant Graphic Maker

When it comes to designing your website, publishing new blogs, or posting on social media, you need effective graphics that will help you to convert your audience into paying customers. With Canva, you can easily create the perfect graphics for all of your small business needs. While there is a paid version, but as a small business owner or bootstrap solopreneur, there is still so much that you can do with the free version of Canva. Sign up is easy and you instantly have access to thousands of templates and free images so you can get started right away.

Beautiful Graphics for your Small Business are Easily Attainable

Canva provides you with a variety of design types so you can create the perfectly sized graphic. You can choose from Facebook posts, twitter profile banners, infographics, and even cards, letterheads, and business card designs. After you select what type of project you want to create, you can choose from a huge variety of templates -some free, some costing just a few dollars- or upload your own images and work from scratch.

Navigation is intuitive and building your graphic is drag and drop. There is also a great selection of fonts that allow you to match your graphic to your brand. Once your graphic is complete, you can download the graphic straight to your hard drive, often with a choice of file format.

There is a lot of value in upgrading to the paid version of Canva, but even with the free version, this is a must-have business tool for small business owners. It is essential if you want professional looking graphics and images to help with your brand management, but want to avoid the hefty cost of working with a professional designer.

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