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A Fresh Look at FreshBooks: the Quickbooks Alternative

Freshbooks, an online small business accounting website, is a good fit for very small companies and sole proprietors. This cloud accounting website offers easy invoicing, coordinated contact listing, expense reports, and even tracks billable time. It is easy to use and easy to understand. Freshbooks allows you to accept payments through different online banking services. However, you cannot directly link up to some major websites. For its features, the price is very fair.

Easy to Use

Filling out the invoice forms is easy due to the well-designed and attractive interface. A lot of the bookwork is done for you, so there is hardly any room for mathematical error. Expense records can be easily created and customized for a variety of projects. There are many unique reports offered besides the expense reports including billable time reports, invoice reports, client reports, and accounting reports. However, you must add a lot of information yourself.

Easy to Understand

The content delivers, but Freshbooks gets extra points for keeping its jargon easy to understand. There is a lot of accounting vernacular on many other cloud accounting websites. However, Freshbooks allows those who may not understand accountant vernacular to navigate the website easily. Its no-frills approach to design remains clear yet attractive. Its navigational tools are top-notch.


There are three ways to accept payments in Freshbooks. PayPal, Stripe, and the site’s own merchant coordinator. It is possible to set up suppliers or vendors and be paid directly through the website. You can make fast deposits, monitor your money, track your payment fees, and make automatic payments. The only major downside of the website? You cannot make major payments to Etsy, Ebay or Amazon. However, the rest of the payment processes offer a lot.


For 30 days, Freshbooks offers a free trial. No credit card number is necessary. If you do decide to buy, there are a few different options available when it comes to purchasing this website. Prices start at $12.95 per month for up to five clients. There are four different pricing levels available. The top tier offers unlimited clients, and you can add an additional staff-member for 39.95 per month. It’s possible to customize your package for your company’s specific needs.

Overall, this product offers online books for almost every accounting small business need. Although the website might not be a good fit for a large company, for a private small business owner the website is a first rate program.

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