• How far have we come? A little web history

    Hostgator: A Strateka Quicktake Review for Small Business

    Small businesses have been called the backbone of the economy. If you are a small business owner, then you know how hard it can be to maintain this backbone in these trying economic times. Fortunately, there are some excellent resources on the Web that can help you get your name out there and simplify your ordering processes. Websites are a…

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  • canva review

    Canva: The Quick and Clean Alternative to Photoshop

    Small business owners are always on the lookout for great new business tools that can help them to work smarter and take their business to the next level. Canva is a web-based app that helps you to do just that. Look, you don’t have time to learn how to be a graphic designer when your big focus is expanding your…

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  • left behind

    Left behind on the road ahead

    Back in October of 1994, long before the Cloud, the smart phone, flat screen TV and the Oculus Rift, Bill Gates published his signature book, ‘The Road Ahead’ which outlined his vision for the future of technology in society.  More than twenty years have passed, and while gargantuan changes have taken place in many segments of our new society, small…

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  • build me a wesbite

    Zoho for Small Business – A Strateka Review

    They say that small business is the backbone of the US economy, and that isn’t a lie. If you are someone who works to maintain this strong backbone in the economy, then you know what a battle it can be to stand strong in the face of changing times. To be successful, it is important for you to arm yourself…

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  • bloviator

    Technology Bloviators

    You’ve heard them at conferences; you’ve read their techno-babble infused pontifications on hundreds of technology websites. You’re afraid you might throw yourself into a vat of melting cellphone touch screens if you have to listen to one more technology bloviator talk about the sea change of paradigm shifts in the upcoming confluence of scalable management decision-making objectives concerning enterprise exchanges…

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