In 2016, nearly half of all new businesses failed.


None of them called us.


Strateka helps small business owners save money and increase ROI by applying intermediate technology and advanced brand management.

none of them called us.
Strateka Consulting

Strateka Consulting isn’t about finance, you can hire accountants and bookkeepers for that. It isn’t about copyright law or product development, we assume you have those things covered. What we can do, is help you hone your decision-making process while keeping you focused. We can help you identify your customer base, save you money by introducing new efficiencies with appropriate technology and more efficient process. We can build or tweak your marketing efforts, introduce you to social media, SEO and competitive analysis.  In a nutshell, we’ll help you change, so your business can truly be competitive. LEARN MORE or take our small business survey here.

WordPress Lessons
Do you have an outdated website that’s not doing anything for you? Can’t see yourself spending $$$$ for a designer to build one for you? Maybe you have an employee with the best of intentions but needs some guidance? We can help! LEARN MORE

Introducing Advanced Brand Management
With Strateka’s ABM service, you can connect to all of these platforms from a single dashboard and more Again,  all from one simple dashboard allowing you to save time by not having to hunt and peck over dozens of platforms to get the true picture of your business’s health. LEARN MORE

Website Assistance
Your website might be classified an IT expense, but in fact, it’s a sales and marketing tool.  Let us help you craft the message your potential customers need to hear. We can build you a brand-spanking new website, convert your existing website to WordPress, show you how to connect your business with Social Media and maximize digital advertising. LEARN MORE

Content  Creation
If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you already know that fresh content is critical to digital business success. That doesn;t mean that you simply slap some plagiarized text into a WordPress form and call it good. Like the business you have, the clothes you wear, your website is a reflection and validation of your commitment to your customers. LEARN MORE


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