About StratekaDid you know that some companies with more than five hundred employees and tens of millions of dollars in sales, qualify as small businesses? Most of us think of a small business as maybe up to twenty employees. In fact, most of us consider a small business to be just ourselves and a couple of part-timers. That doesn’t stop business-to-business vendors from trying to sell you ‘small business’ services that are intended for larger companies. They can cost more than you take in, or require so much of your time and energy that productivity and sales suffer.

Strateka  advises small businesses on web technology for marketing, sales and communication processes.

Gary Bryant - StratekaDuring the formative years of the Web, Gary P. Bryant, President of Strateka,  served as a research analyst and later, digital publications editor for a Silicon Valley startup. Over the last twenty-five years, he has created more than one hundred web businesses, and has established himself as a small business advisor, technologist, author, and award-winning media creative. You can find his book, The Truth About Technology for Very Small Business on Amazon.

Strateka helps small businesses, startup entrepreneurs, and micro-businesses to implement  ‘appropriate technology’ that fits their needs.   As consultants, we can help your small business break down barriers to sales. We can be hands-on and manage implementation, or hands-off, helping you discover the appropriate technology that works for you.

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