• very small business

    You can’t know everything

    You thought you were the smart one. The brother or sister that knew how to replace the family VCR with a TiVo. You read books about HTML and helped your uncle add a shopping cart to his locksmith website. You were in the know. Now it’s twenty years later, and you run a business. Fifteen years ago, you bought the…

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  • left behind on the road ahead

    Left behind on the road ahead

    Back in October of 1994, long before the Cloud, the smart phone, flat screen TV and the Oculus Rift, Bill Gates published his signature book, ‘The Road Ahead’ which outlined his vision for the future of technology in society.  More than twenty years have passed, and while gargantuan changes have taken place in many segments of our new society, small…

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  • tama train pixabay

    Your business won’t grow if you don’t

    Business owners often struggle with budget issues. In most of North America,  businesses have the added challenge of dealing with seasonal changes that affect customer activity. Half of the year they are overburdened with work orders and no time to ‘run’ the business, while the other half of the year they sit quietly at their desk twirling a pencil, no…

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  • binding-contract compliance

    Even a Small Business Needs to Pay Attention to Big Words

    Regulated environments can be a time-consuming and expensive headache for businesses. Not only do companies have to create and adhere to their own internal sets of policies and procedures, but most businesses are also required by federal and state laws to comply with specific standards of operation, i.e., regulatory compliance. Before you wonder what that has to do with you…

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  • strateka technology blog

    Technology Bloviators

    You’ve heard them at conferences; you’ve read their techno-babble infused pontifications on hundreds of technology websites. You’re afraid you might throw yourself into a vat of melting cellphone touch screens if you have to listen to one more technology bloviator talk about the sea change of paradigm shifts in the upcoming confluence of scalable management decision-making objectives concerning enterprise exchanges…

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  • benchmarking data

    Your Business is a Moving Target: A Case for Benchmarks

    We all like to see progress. For a business, increased sales revenue, new product launches, new employees and even new carpets or furniture can all create the appearance of progress. The real question is this: Is the business really growing? Benchmarking has been around for a long time. It’s simply the process of comparison.  Companies like to use benchmarks when…

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