• ransomware and the hacker

    The Hack: Will Small Business Finally Listen

    To say that the security breach at Sony several years ago was an IT catastrophe would be an understatement.  A group of hackers known as the GOP or “Guardians of Peace,”  stealthily acquired most or all of the company’s sensitive materials, from emails to user passwords and much more. The group, rumored to be affiliated with the North Korean government,…

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  • insider threat

    Not just Cyber Security: Insider threats and your small business

    When it comes to threats to the integrity of core business operations and computer systems, most business owners and managers tend to focus the larger part of their attentions on those threats that come from without, like malicious hackers, economic spies and such. External focus isn’t necessarily the only perspective.  Threats to your enterprise can also come from within, and…

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  • stagnation

    Nothing changes if nothing changes

    The impression most people have of company CEOs, corporate presidents, and other business leaders, is that of the visionary, the person who ‘knows’ where the market is headed and ultimately where the company is moving; he or she is the far-sighted company luminary.  Interestingly, if a person has the vision condition of farsightedness or Hyperopia, they can see far away…

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  • knowledge overload

    You can’t know everything

    You thought you were the smart one. The brother or sister that knew how to replace the family VCR with a TiVo. You read books about HTML and helped your uncle add a shopping cart to his locksmith website. You were in the know. Now it’s twenty years later, and you run a business. Fifteen years ago, you bought the…

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  • left behind

    Left behind on the road ahead

    Back in October of 1994, long before the Cloud, the smart phone, flat screen TV and the Oculus Rift, Bill Gates published his signature book, ‘The Road Ahead’ which outlined his vision for the future of technology in society.  More than twenty years have passed, and while gargantuan changes have taken place in many segments of our new society, small…

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  • regulatory compliance

    Regulatory Compliance: Out of sight out of your mind

    ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ isn’t a good strategy for any business. What we’re talking about here is your organization’s legal requirement to safeguard your business correspondence as outlined by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or FRCP. If your business gets sued, you may be required to provide the courts with specific emails and other electronic documents sent…

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