In 2016, nearly half

of all new businesses failed.

None of them called us.

none of them called us.Strateka is the pain-reliever, anti-acid for small business headaches. Simply put, Strateka helps small businesses apply the latest low-cost technologies to help them compete more efficiently while saving money and time. Besides, most small businesses don’t have the time to deal with the headaches of learning, training and implementing new processes and technology for their employees.  Most small business owners are simply too busy putting out fires. That’s why taking advantage of the very latest web marketing tools to cut costs and increase efficiency so you can do what you do best. Let us take the marketing pain away.

Things change fast, and one of those changes is the role of your website and any of digital platforms you use. Strateka can act as your outsourced marketing department, guiding you with brand development and product messages and reflecting that across your digital communication and marketing channels! We can fix or design a WordPress website, help setup and manage your social platforms, write your articles, add copy, brochures and blog posts. Most importantly we can help connect all of the facets of your business into a single dashboard that you monitor in real time.  Keep an eye on your competitors, your website data, even your bookkeeper.

Introducing Advanced Brand Management from Strateka!

Your brick & mortar business may be a single location, but your web business stretches out the far reaches of the Internet and the world. Advanced Brand Management from Strateka is a digital marketing management service that helps track your business profile in-house and out in the digital world with a single easy to read dashboard.  ABM (Advanced Brand Management) allows you to keep tabs not only on your own marketing performance of a wide variety of platforms but your competitor’s as well. Learn more…


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